JJ Yost

JJ is a skilled manager of projects and people who has strong knowledge and experience in rangeland management, agro-ecology, holistic management, and ecological design, as well as a working understanding of agricultural marketing. While helping manage a 650-acre ranch in Central California, he experimented with intensive grazing methods to restore native grasslands and improve soil health. JJ has a bachelors degree in Agro-ecology from the University of California Santa Cruz and a lifetime of experience guiding river-rafting trips around the world.


Noah Zimmerman

Noah is a builder, artist, graphic designer, web developer, and landscape designer. The unifying theme behind his construction projects and designs is an innovative and eco-centric marriage of function and aesthetic. Noah has lived and worked in a variety of ecosystems around the United States. He earned his bachelors in Anthropology from the University of California Santa Cruz and his Masters from The Conway School, a graduate program in ecological design and sustainable planning.


Simon Farmer

Simon is an entrepreneur, educator, farmer and permaculture designer. He is a strong leader who is comfortable working with diverse groups of people to solve complex multi-stakeholder issues. Through his experiences starting a successful farm-to-table restaurant, managing and developing two farms, teaching organic agriculture to at-risk youth, and running farmer trainer programs, Simon has gained extensive hands-on knowledge of applied agro-ecology, holistic management, and watershed and habitat restoration and management. At the university of California Santa Cruz Simon earned his bachelors in Environmental History and his masters in Education.


Rusty Davis

Rusty is a permaculture visionary with over 15 years of experience designing and implementing beautiful and functional landscapes. He is an expert heavy equipment operator and mechanic possessing both intuitive understanding and a high level of technical ability in landscape engineering. Rusty maintains a small farm and orchard at his property and has been part of many agricultural collectives and ventures involving vineyards and farms. A pioneer in the alternative fuel industry, Rusty has produced 1000’s of gallons of bio-fuels and converted fleets of vehicles to vegetable oil and biodiesel. He is also a long time student and teacher of indigenous philosophy, nature awareness, and primitive skills. Rusty earned his BS in Sustainable Community Development from Humboldt State University.